Fernie Rotary Summer Scramble

The Fernie Rotary Summer Scramble is here! This summer long event is a fantastic activity for the whole family to enjoy. Each week will feature 10 new clues: 5 focused on the trails, and 5 focused within City Limits. Purchase 5 guesses for $10. You can mix your guesses between the City Ramble clues, and the Trail Scramble clues. The clues, and locations, will be a mixture of easy- moderate- difficult each week. To submit your guess, you must correctly answer the riddle for the clue, then capture a photo of yourself, or household team, at the location. Your photo must clearly show the location.

Each week, your correct entries will be entered into a Grand Prize Draw. The Grand Prize for each category will be a $500 gift certificate to the Fernie business(es) of your choosing. The more people participate, the more prizes will be available! There will also be Snap Prizes randomly assigned to clues. The first person to correctly identify and submit an answer to the Snap Prize clue will be the winner.

Fill out the form below to register yourself, or a household team.

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Fernie Rotary Summer Scramble Rules & Regulations


This is a fundraiser to support the Fernie Rotary Club and the work we do in our local community.

Rotary Summer Scramble Rules

  1. The Trail Scramble and City Ramble will start at noon on July 1st, 2020 and end at 11:59 am on September 9th, 2020.
  2. There will be 8 weeks of regular play. Each week will run from Wednesday at noon to the following Wednesday at 11:59 am.
  3. The Grand Prize for each category will be $500 of gift certificates to a local business(es) of your choice.
  4. Each Wednesday 5 clues for the Trail Scramble and 5 clues for the City Ramble will be released on the Fernie Rotary Website, Facebook Page & Instagram account. 
  5. You must follow the Facebook Page and Instagram account if you are posting to social media. Otherwise, we will not be able to see your tagged posts.
  6. To “collect” the Target of a clue, you must take a selfie of yourself, or your team, with the Target. The photo must be identifiable as being at the correct location. Eg. Trail sign, marked bench, business name.
  7. If the Target is a person, you must make it clear in the photo that you are maintaining proper physical distancing. Eg. Put something between you that shows distance, such as a bike. Don’t be afraid to get creative.
  8. To enter your guess, post your photo on Facebook or Instagram. You must also tag @FernieRotary and hashtag #FernieRotaryScramble or #FernieRotaryRamble. Don’t forget to identify which clue you are submitting an answer to.  If you do not use Facebook or Instagram, you may email your photos to scramble@fernierotary.org.
  9. Your Target photo must be posted by 11:59 am on the following Wednesday, when the next round of clues are released in order to be eligible for entry into the Grand Prize Draw.
  10. You can purchase 5 Target guesses for $10. Guesses may be for either the Trail Scramble, the City Ramble or a combination. It is your choice. Maxiumum of 10 correct guesses per week. Unused guesses may be carried forward.
  11. Each week, the competitors who correctly guessed a Target will be acknowledged on Facebook, Instagram and the website.
  12. Each correct Target guess submitted will earn you an entry into the Grand Prize Draw for the corresponding division.
  13. Week 9 & 10 will be a Lightning Round. All 80 clues will be re-posted and you will have an opportunity to submit any Target guesses you missed earlier in the competition!
  14. You must register on the website to enter. One registration is good for both the Trail Scramble and the City Ramble.
  15. You may play as an individual or as part of a household team. If you play as part of a household team, your “team captain” must be in every photo submitted.
  16. The time you post/submit your photo will be the time that is registered as your submission.
  17. Each week 2 clues will be randomly selected as Snap Prize clues. There will be one Snap Prize for each division. The first correct submission of a target photo will win the Snap Prize. Ties will be broken with Rock, Paper, Scissors on Main Street at High Noon.
  18. All Trail Scramble Targets will be safe to reach. If you have to engage in a dangerous act in order to reach your guess, you have not guessed correctly. 
  19. All Ramble Targets will be within City of Fernie city limits. All Scramble Targets will be within the Fernie trail network or Tourism Fernie’s list of local trails .(https://tourismfernie.com/activities/hiking-trails)
  20. All City Ramble clues can be reached on paved or gravel trails, sidewalks and city streets.

Rotary Club of Fernie Open House

How many Rotary Wheels have you seen around Fernie or around the World?

To learn about your local Rotary Club and see what a difference Rotary makes not only here in Fernie but around the world.

April 17th
7-9pm at the
Fernie Distillery

We are a dedicated group of people and we’d love to share our love or Rotary with you!