2019 BBQ Challenge Sign-Up

The BBQ Challenge is a fund-raiser for the Rotary Club of Fernie. We use these funds to support local organizations, student, international efforts, etc. First and foremost we want to thank you for helping us in our service to Fernie and beyond.

Cooking up some Thai food.

The BBQ Challenge is meant to be a fun competition. We hope you’ll bring your competitive spirit and your sense of fun.

What do we mean by BBQ Challenge? It means as long as you cook it on a BBQ it’s allowed. But know this, you will be judged. Both by a panel of experts and celebrities as well as by the public, so you’ll want to bring your BBQ game.

There are prizes. There are beverages. There is music. There will be fun and food.

You’ll need a BBQ and a menu. You’ll need to produce about 210 bite-sized samples. So don’t worry about producing 200 meals. Think bite-sized. The attendees and judges need to try a dozen of these so don’t make your samples too large. Though you may want to up your game a bit with a more stylish and complete plate for the judges. Impress them with your style along with your sauce.

Participant entrance is free. We will cover ingredient expenses up to $250 if we receive your ingredient list by April 26th. Thank you to our sponsor Sysco for their support with this.

Ready to put your apron on and support the Rotary Club of Fernie in service? Great!

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